Concrete Imprint Manchester

Through general wear and tear, Pattern Imprinted Concrete will lose some colour over time and the concrete underneath may become exposed. We can restore imprinted concrete to look very close to how it was when first laid.

Our Pattern Imprinted Concrete refurbishment process is as follows:

Step 1: The area is washed using chemical free, high pressure water through a industrial rotary pressure cleaner to remove weeds, moss, algae and any dirt that may be present. Any oil or other stains can also be treated and removed at this point.

Minor cracks and imperfections can be repaired before the colour restoration process.

Step 2: A selected colour pigment is then mixed with a high quality sealant. The mix is applied to rejuvenate the surface, restore the colour and to reduce future loss of colour. There are various pigments available to match the colour of your surface.

Our Pattern Imprinted Concrete Maintenance Service

After we have completed the work to your Pattern Imprinted Concrete we offer to maintain the surface in the future. We provide an ongoing maintenance service that will take care of the surface on a regular basis. This will protect your investment and keep the surface clean and functional for use.

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